Uptown Business Improvement District


About the Uptown BID

Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) are special assessment districts, which means they can collect revenues if enough property owners in their district vote to support doing so. BIDs promote and encourage economic vitality and growth in their business districts.  BIDs can use funds to:

  • Support neighborhood businesses through marketing and business development.
  • Provide enhanced service to the district (such as landscaping and street cleaning).
  • Maintain improvements made by a Corridor Improvement Authority.

The Uptown BID encompasses four business districts in their development area: East Fulton, Wealthy Street, East Hills, and Eastown. Uptown also has a Corridor Improvement Authority.

Ongoing Projects

  • Uptown Ambassador Program
  • Tree maintenance
  • Landscape maintenance


The Uptown BID currently has three sub-committees that assist the board in the implementation of their Marketing & Development and Financing Plans and recommend projects and activities to the board for approval.

Design Committee

This committee focuses on streetscape, and public space design and improvements. This committee meets on the third Thursday of the month at 9:00 AM.

Business Development Committee

This committee supports the development of new or existing businesses. This committee meets on the third Monday of the month at 9:00 AM.

Marketing Committee

This committee focuses on promoting the work of the Uptown CIA and the businesses located in the development area. This committee meets on the third Wednesday of the month at 3:30 PM.

If you have an interest in joining a committee or learning more, please contact the Uptown Executive Director, Ingrid Miller at imiller@uptowngr.org


The Uptown BID meets most months on the first Wednesday at 8:15 AM.

Current Board Members

  • Lynn Happel, Chair (Term Ends: 12/31/2024)
  • Joana Hively, Vice-chair (Term Ends: 12/31/2026)
  • Ryan Wheeler, Secretary (Term Ends: 12/31/2026)
  • Bing Goei, Commissioner (Term Ends: 12/31/2025)
  • Matthew Smith (Term Ends: 12/31/2027)
  • Stephanie Johnson (Term Ends: 12/31/2025)
  • Dean Van Dis (Term Ends: 12/31/2027)
  • Vacancy (Term Ends: 12/31/2025)
  • Vacancy (Term Ends: 12/31/2026)
  • Vacancy (Term Ends: 12/31/2026)


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