Economic Development Corporation


The Economic Development Corporation (EDC) helps bring new business to Grand Rapids, and helps existing businesses in Grand Rapids expand. They allow us to provide certain support services and incentives, such as tax exempt bonds.

Annual Activity Synopsis

In 2020, the Economic Development Corporation assisted with the financing of the Beacon Hill at Eastgate senior living facility, and supported four business expansion projects that will result in commitments of over $28 million of private investment, 65 new jobs, and 167 new housing units.


You can find information on the EDC’s meeting schedule, current board members, minutes, and past agendas at their meeting portal page.

Current Board Members

  • Jeff Edwards, Chair (Term Ends: 01/01/2026)
  • Lynn Rabaut, Vice-Chair (Term Ends: 01/05/2027) 
  • Kristine Bersche, Secretary (Term Ends: 01/01/2024) 
  • Troy Butler, Treasurer (Term Ends: 01/05/2026) 
  • Guillermo Cisneros (Term Ends: 1/5/2030)
  • Kaylee Dillard (Term Ends: 01/01/2030)
  • Brooke Oosterman (Term Ends: 01/05/2026)
  • Martin Uchendu (Term Ends: 01/03/2028)
  • John Van Fossen (Term Ends: 01/05/2027)
  • Lynee Wells (Term Ends: 01/09/2030)
  • Milinda Ysasi, Commissioner (Term Ends: 01/01/2024)