Brownfield Redevelopment Authority


The Brownfield Redevelopment Authority (BRA) helps redevelop blighted, contaminated or functionally obsolete properties. They oversee the Brownfield Redevelopment Program and the Local Brownfield Revolving Fund.

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You can find information on the BRA’s meeting schedule, current board members, minutes, and past agendas on their meeting portal page.

Current Board Members

  • Jeff Edwards, Chair (Term Ends: 01/01/2026) 
  • Lynn Rabaut, Vice-Chair (Term Ends: 01/05/2027) 
  • Kristine Bersche, Secretary (Term Ends: 01/01/2030) 
  • Troy Butler, Treasurer (Term Ends: 01/05/2026) 
  • Guillermo Cisneros (Term Ends: 1/5/2030)
  • Kaylee Dillard (Term Ends: 01/01/2030)
  • Brooke Oosterman (Term Ends: 01/05/2026)
  • Martin Uchendu (Term Ends: 01/03/2028)
  • John Van Fossen (Term Ends: 01/05/2027)
  • Lynee Wells (Term Ends: 01/01/2030)
  • Milinda Ysasi, Commissioner (Term Ends: 01/01/2030)


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