Brownfield Redevelopment Authority


The Brownfield Redevelopment Authority (BRA) helps redevelop blighted, contaminated or functionally obsolete properties. They oversee the Brownfield Redevelopment Program and the Local Brownfield Revolving Fund.

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Annual Activity Synopsis

In 2020, the Brownfield Redevelopment Authority approved four (4) projects that will result in approximately $106 million of private investment, 424 new jobs, 177 new housing units, and almost $250,000 of new City income taxes when the projects are complete. These projects are located at the following addresses:

  • 111 Lyon Street NW and 200 Monroe Avenue NW
  • 415 Leonard Street NW
  • 470 Market Avenue SW
  • 341 Henry Street SE

Also in 2020, the Brownfield Redevelopment Authority updated its policy for the Local Brownfield Revolving Fund to prioritize support for projects located in the Neighborhoods of Focus, and for first-time developers.


You can find information on the BRA’s meeting schedule, current board members, minutes, and past agendas on their meeting portal page.

Current Board Members

Guillermo Cisneros (Chair)

Term Ends: 1/1/2024

Lynn Rabaut (Vice Chair)

Term Ends: 1/5/2027

Kristine Bersche (Secretary)

Term Ends: 1/1/2024

Troy Butler (Treasurer)

Term Ends: 1/5/2026

Nathaniel Moody (Commissioner)

Term Ends: 1/1/2024

Kim McLaughlin

Term Ends: 1/1/2024

Micah Perkins

Term Ends: 1/5/2026

John VanFossen

Term Ends: 1/5/2027

Joshua Verhulst

Term Ends: 1/1/2024


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