Incubation Spaces


Join Grand Rapids’ Tech Community!

Grand Rapids incubators serve as nurturing grounds for startups and tech enthusiasts, providing not only physical workspace but also invaluable resources and networking opportunities. Places like Start Garden and The Bridge serve as epicenters for creativity, enabling emerging tech companies to thrive in an environment that encourages collaboration and growth, no matter what stage a development.

Start Garden

Start Garden is an entrepreneur-in-residence program to support tech startups in the Grand Rapids community. The goal is to empower West Michigan's startup ecosystem through financial, intellectual, and social capital, while providing a community for startups to grow.

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The Bridge

The Bridge provides a shared workspace for startups in the heart of the city’s Medical Mile, but it’s more than just a place to work. Michigan State University Research Foundation and Spartan Innovations staff provide mentoring, programming and networking opportunities for tenants.

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