The Right Place assists HOLO Footwear to locate headquarters

Published on July 07, 2022


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.- The Right Place, Inc., in collaboration with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), announced that sustainable outdoor footwear company, HOLO Footwear, will be moving its headquarters from Portland, OR to downtown Grand Rapids and opening e-commerce operations in the region, creating 61 new jobs and $1.6M in capital investment.

HOLO footwear is a minority-owned, sustainable outdoor footwear company that launched in 2020. Their goal is to create sustainable footwear, using recycled material to build each shoe and ensuring their product remain affordable for the average consumer

“As HOLO continues to expand, we found that West Michigan is an excellent location for our growth,” explains Rommel Vega, Founder & President of HOLO Footwear. “It’s a fantastic environment for our business, with access to talented designers and people from the footwear industry. We’re excited to get to work to create stylish, responsible, and functional outdoor footwear. We’re thankful to the team at The Right Place and the MEDC for their partnership and collaborative support as we invest in our new headquarters and e-commerce facilities.”

“HOLO Footwear’s headquarters is a great addition to the City of Grand Rapids. We appreciate HOLO’s commitment to making outdoor gear accessible for everyone and using recycled and renewable materials in its manufacturing processes. It's ownership and environmental sustainability practices are precisely the types of companies we are looking to attract to Grand Rapids and the region,” stated Jeremiah Gracia, Director of Economic Development for the City of Grand Rapids.

Read the full press release here.