Local Brownfield Revolving Fund


The Brownfield Redevelopment Authority (BRA) also manages a Local Brownfield Revolving Fund (LBRF). The LBRF is used to provide both grants and loans to fund the same eligible activities as the Brownfield Redevelopment Program. The BRA prioritizes the use of the LBRF for the following project types/initiatives:

1.) Environmental Site Assessment Grants
    • Grants to support between 50-100% of assessment costs
    • Priority for projects located in Neighborhoods of Focus

2.) Homeownership Projects
    • Developers building housing to be sold to income-qualified households
    • All housing types can qualify (i.e. single-family and multi-family)

3.) Emerging Developers
    • Predevelopment and consulting costs
    • Financing to make projects viable

4.) Other Strategic Development Projects
    • Projects that contribute to City and/or neighborhood priorities
    • Typically supported with "last in" dollars

For additional information about the above priorities, you can review the LBRF policy below.


Your first step to exploring eligibility for this program is to contact our office to discuss the project and its qualifications.